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Sia Engagement Ring
Eilat Gemstone Ring, 14 karat yellow Gold
0.20 carat Emerald Ring , 14 karat yellow Gold, set with Diamonds
0.10 carat Ruby Gemstone Ring, 14 karat white Gold, set with Diamonds
Daniela Diamond Earrings, 14 karat white or yellow Gold
Daniela Diamond Necklace, set with 0.25 karat white or yellow Gold Pendant
Or Engagement Ring

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Jewelry has always been the most fun and attractive way to make the look of any woman or man more sparkling and impressive. Jewelry is undoubtedly also used as a pleasant and special way to show love to our loved ones and therefore they are the perfect gift especially for many women who find in jewelry the best way to express emotions. Whether it is gold earrings, rings with gemstones or impressive necklaces there is no doubt that if you want to express affection this is the way to go.

Tips for choosing jewelry

You have decided to pamper your wife and purchase a special gift for her. It may be a gift for a birthday, anniversary or for the birth of a new child, one way or another there is no doubt that choosing a piece of jewelry is the right decision but it can also be sometimes confusing. How do you do it right?

Jewelry for any occasion

While it is said that diamonds are a woman's best friends but there is no doubt that this phrase also speaks to other jewelry. Today many men also find themselves wearing a wide variety of jewelry whether rings, necklaces and even bracelets. There is no doubt that jewelry has a place of honor in our world as they make us feel wonderful with ourselves. Choosing the right piece of jewelry makes the heart happy and raises the feeling of happiness a little more. Whether you are looking for engagement rings, a tennis bracelet or a delicate necklace in stock market diamonds you will find a wide variety of jewelry of this type and many others.


Diamondbourse is a leading Israeli manufacturer and distributor of jewelry and diamonds, with over 50 years of experience.
The company recently launched its new website, which offers its most popular collections at considerable discounts.
As second-generation jewelry creators and third-generation diamond crafters, the 4 brothers of the Rotem family received their education at GIA, the world’s leading gemological institute, naturally following in their father's and grandfather's footsteps.

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