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Even now fast deliveries to the house Up to 36 interest-free payments Directly from the diamond exchange


Safe purchase

Safe shopping
Directly from the Israeli Diamond Exchange

As second-generation jewelry makers and third-generation diamond crafters, the Rotem family members were educated at GIA - the world's leading gemological institute, naturally following their father's and grandfather's footsteps

The owners of the company are longtime members of the Israel Diamond Exchange as well as members of the Israel Jewelry Association.
With over 50 years of experience to date, Diamondbourse is one of Israel's leading jewelry and diamonds crafters and distributors.

We have recently launched an innovative website which allows viewing collections and creating international orders, all while maintaining top quality assurance, looking to create the world's most cutting edge website experience.


Diamondbourse raises on its banner all the values ​​of consistency and innovation which lead it to its vision.
For us, maintaining the values ​​that distinguish our company as a reliable and consistent source of jewelry is the key to our proper prosperity and growth as a company.
We know our customers and know what values ​​they are looking for - and we are looking for the exact same values, which is why we at Diamondbourse are committed to each and every customer and to all of our jewelry, regardless how large or small, whether retail or wholesale.


Over the years, we have devoted ourselves to understanding the important values ​​in the field of jewelry and diamonds, we have realized that being consistent and innovative are the most important values ​​for our customers when purchasing a jewelry or diamond.
The consistency in our products' quality and price as well as the aspiration to provide great service in this ever innovative and changing world guides us when facing our clients.
We are here to produce the ultimate experience for our audience by bringing personal and consistent service and response to their needs.


A purchase from the Diamondbourse company is a direct purchase from the manufacturer which guarantees substantial savings compared to a purchase in stores outside the diamond exchange.


Purchasing from Diamondbourse guarantees 100% natural diamonds whose quality is preserved for generations

Refund (no charge)

Diamondbourse provides the option of 100% refund for up to 30 days without additional charges (for any purchase made on the company's website)


Diamondbourse provides free delivery to the customer's home


Diamondbourse offers up to 36 payments without interest or linkage


Diamondbourse is a member of the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange and the Israel Jewelry Association


Purchasing a diamond from the Diamondbourse is accompanied by a lifetime warranty certificate and an insurance assessment certificate

A diamond retains its value

Diamondbourse guarantees a lifetime option to upgrade or replace a diamond


Diamondbourse can craft jewelry according to the customer's request

Our Service

Diamondbourse upholds full post-purchase customer service. We accompany our clients through their joys on birthdays and weddings. We will be happy to be your jewelers in the diamonds stock market.


The Diamondbourse Company congratulates you on purchasing jewelry at the Israel Diamond Exchange.

Your jewelry is an exclusive item - each diamond is carefully selected for a unique design created especially for you by world-renowned professionals


We guarantee high quality standards for our products in particular during the diamond cutting and polishing.

We commit for delivering the shipment in up to 7 business days, usually the shipment reaches all parts of Israel in a shorter time. In the central area or the country we provide a same-day delivery option.

We accept the following means of payment:

  • All types of credit cards
  • Cash (as allowed by law)

Lifetime warranty and service.



Delivery service

Free deliveries within 7 business days to all parts of Israel.


  • Except for purchases under NIS 990: 
    - Delivery in Israel by courier> 50 NIS

  • Except for express delivery - price will be determined on the phone with the service representative
  • Except for international shipping